Electrotechnology - Data Communications Technician

Electrotechnology - Data Communications Technician

Data communications technicians install, maintain and repair telecommunications and broadcasting networks and equipment.

Electrotechnology - Data Communications Technician

Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $1,250

Where you could work:

NBN Contractors - Industrial Electrics Pty Ltd

Government - City of Gold Coast

Telecommunications Companies -Pivotel, Foxtel, Telstra

Data Communications Technicians do the following tasks:

  • install fixed and wireless network equipment and set up new telecommunications services
  • ensure that equipment and circuit installations are of good quality
  • place or terminate cables, including those made of optical fibre
  • undertake proof tests such as line testing, circuit commissioning and power tests
  • assemble, erect, position and label items of equipment
  • provide cost estimates to customers for installation of equipment
  • install and maintain telecommunication and other data systems at customers' premises
  • install, test and maintain all types of telecommunications, switching and transmission equipment
  • set up computer hardware and install and customise software applications used in telecommunications
  • carry out modifications to items of equipment
  • analyse system faults with a high degree of diagnostic skill (to circuit board level)
  • maintain and adhere to operational procedures and complete appropriate documentation
  • take responsibility for tools, and plant and test equipment