Food and Wine Scientist

Food and Wine Scientist

Food and Wine Scientists study the chemical and physical properties of substances, develop and monitor chemical processes and production, develop new and improve existing food products, and plan and coordinate the production of wine and spirits.

 Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology -

Food and Wine Scientist

Job Demand: Low

Average weekly wage: $1,610

Where you could work:

Government - Queensland Health

Food Manufacturers - Godden Food Group, Good Mix Supwerfoods 

Wineries - Cedar Creek Estate 

Food and Wine Scientists do the following tasks:

  • Conducting experiments and tests to identify the chemical composition and reactive properties of natural substances and processed materials
  • Analysing and conducting research to develop theories, techniques and processes, and testing the reliability of outcomes under different conditions
  • Developing practical applications of experimental and research findings
  • Testing food products for flavour, colour, taste, texture and nutritional content
  • Advising on preserving, processing, packaging, storing and delivering foods
  • Developing quality control procedures and safety standards for the manufacture of food products
  • Examining grape samples to assess ripeness, sugar and acid content, and determining suitability for processing
  • Coordinating winemaking processes, directing workers in testing and crushing grapes, fermenting juices, and fortifying, clarifying, maturing and finishing wines
  • Blending wines according to formulae and knowledge of winemaking techniques