Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer

Industrial Designers plan, design, develop and document products for manufacture and prepare designs and specifications of products for mass, batch and one-off production. Areas of specialisation can include jewelry and fashion. 

Industrial Designer

Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $1,080

Where you could work:

Self Employed / Own Business - Creative Hubs, Miami Marketta, Beachside markets

Fashion Designers - Moana Bikinis

Industrial Designers do the following tasks:

  • Determining the objectives and constraints of the design brief by consulting with clients and stakeholders
  • Undertaking product research and analysing functional, commercial, cultural and aesthetic requirements
  • Formulating design concepts for clothing, textiles, industrial, commercial and consumer products, and jewelry
  • Preparing sketches, diagrams, illustrations, plans, samples and models to communicate design concepts
  • Negotiating design solutions with clients, management, and sales and manufacturing staff
  • Selecting, specifying and recommending functional and aesthetic materials, production methods and finishes for manufacture
  • Detailing and documenting the selected design for production
  • Preparing and commissioning prototypes and samples
  • Supervising the preparation of patterns, programs and tooling, and the manufacture process