Lawyer and Solicitor

Lawyer and Solicitor

Lawyers and Solicitors provide legal advice, prepare and draft legal documents, and conduct negotiations on behalf of clients on matters associated with the law. 

Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $2,000

Where you could work:

Law Firms -

ABKJ Lawyers

Cronin Litigation Lawyers

Hickey Lawyers

IP Partnership


Nyst Legal

Ramsden Lawyers 

Rose Litigation Lawyers 



Lawyers and Solicitors do the following tasks:

  • Interviewing clients to determine the nature of problems, and recommending and undertaking appropriate legal action
  • Preparing cases for court by conducting investigations, undertaking research, arranging witness preparation and attendance, and giving notice of court actions
  • Representing clients in court
  • Managing conveyancing and other property matters by preparing contracts of sale, mortgage documents, lease documents and other documents relating to the transfer of land and buildings
  • Preparing and critically reviewing contracts between parties
  • Preparing wills
  • Preparing wills
  • Providing advice on family law, company law, partnerships, commercial law and trusts
  • May act as trustee or guardian
  • May act as executor of clients' wills