Musicians or Music Professionals write, arrange, orchestrate, conduct and perform musical compositions.

Job Demand: Medium

Average weekly wage: $973

Where you could work:

Hotels / Clubs / Music Venues - Miami Marketta, Southport Sharks AFL Club

Self Employed

Musicians do the following tasks:

  • Creating melodic, harmonic and rhythmic structures to express ideas and emotions in musical form
  • Translating ideas and concepts into standard musical signs and symbols for reproduction and performance
  • Undertaking research and liaising with clients when composing musical backing for television commercials, popular recordings, and radio, television and film productions
  • Auditioning and selecting musicians and Singers
  • Selecting music for performances and assigning instrumental parts to musicians
  • Directing musical groups at rehearsals and performances to achieve desired effects such as tonal and harmonic balance, rhythm and tempo
  • Studying and rehearsing repertoire and musical scores prior to performances
  • Playing music in recital, as an accompanist, or as a member of an orchestra, band or other musical group, from score and by memory
  • Performing music and songs according to interpretation, direction and style of presentation, using highly developed aural skills to reproduce music