Pathology Collector

Pathology Collector

Pathology Collectors extract, collect, label and preserve blood and other specimens from patients for laboratory analysis.

Pathology Collector

Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $1,159

Where you could work:

Gold Coast University Hospital, Robina Hospital, Private Pathology Labs, GP Clinics

Pathology Collectors do the following tasks:

  • Greet donors
  • Records donors' personal details, including their weight, age, blood type and contact details
  • Explains the procedure to donors and checks their personal details
  • Takes a finger-prick test to check the donor's haemoglobin (red blood cells) and ensure that iron levels in the blood are normal
  • Takes blood from donors
  • Informs donors of emergency medical contacts for potential side-effects of donating blood
  • Cares for donors who may be feeling dizzy or have another adverse reaction
  • Provides refreshments for donors, and ensures they absorb enough sugar back into their system
  • Maintains machinery and orders supplies
  • Advertises blood collection days