Payroll Clerk

Payroll Clerk

Payroll Clerks prepare payrolls and related records for employee salaries and statutory record-keeping purposes.

Payroll Clerk

Job Demand: Low

Average weekly wage: $1,442

Where you could work:

Office based environments across multiple industries

Payroll Clerks do the following tasks:

  • Creating files for new employees to record payroll data
  • Maintaining and updating files for existing employees to record information such as employee contact details, leave taken, overtime, promotions, transfers, tax deductions, health insurance payments and superannuation
  • Preparing payroll data from time sheets and other payroll and personnel records
  • Processing payment of wages and salaries
  • Issuing and recording adjustments to employees' pay
  • Interpreting industrial awards
  • Providing information to employees and managers about payroll matters such as tax issues, benefits and deductions
  • Finalising files and arrangements when employees retire, resign or transfer
  • May be involved in maintaining superannuation and other deduction and contribution records