Photographers operate still cameras and lighting equipment to take photographs of people, places, products and other subjects. Photographers can work in a studio or outside in various locations. Post-production and digital editing form a major part of most photographers duties.


Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $1,056

Where you could work:

Photographic Studio - Rix-Ryan Photography

Self Employed

Photographers do the following tasks:

  • consulting with clients to determine objectives of photographic assignments
  • studying requirements of assignment and selecting type of camera, film, filter and lighting
  • working from a studio, and transporting and setting up equipment at assigned locations
  • measuring light levels and determining exposure
  • adjusting camera angles, aperture settings and subjects to achieve desired composition
  • adjusting lighting and filters to accentuate highlights and colours
  • mixing photographic chemicals, processing film and developing prints
  • manipulating images using digital imaging techniques and creative darkroom techniques such as adjusting exposure and development times
  • may make enlarged prints, and mount and frame prints
  • digital manipulations using tools such as Adobe Photoshop and other Creative Suite programs