Pilots fly and navigate aircraft, control and direct air traffic to ensure the safe and efficient operation of aircraft in flight and on the ground, and instruct students in flying aircraft.


Job Demand: Low

Average weekly wage: $1,704

Where you could work:

Commercial Airlines - QANTAS, Jetstar, Virgin Australia

General Aviation - Cloud9 Seaplanes

Australian Defence Force - Air Force

Pilots do the following tasks:

  • Preparing and submitting flight plans giving consideration to factors such as weather conditions and aircraft performance
  • Flying aircraft in accordance with established air traffic control and aircraft operating procedures
  • Providing flight information for flight crews and air traffic services staff
  • Controlling aircraft movements, and directing aircraft taxiing, take-offs and landings by radio
  • Providing pre-flight briefings and aeronautical information services
  • Completing cockpit preparations and external inspections to determine that aircraft are acceptable for flight
  • Monitoring aircraft performance and reporting on mechanical condition
  • Giving in-flight instruction, supervising solo flights, accompanying students on training flights and demonstrating techniques for controlling aircraft