Property Valuer / Developer

Property Valuer / Developer

Property Valuers (Land Economists) provide advice on the administration and use of land and property, and assess the value of land, property and other items such as commercial equipment.

Property Valuer / Developer

Job Demand: Medium

Average weekly wage: $1,584

Where you could work:

National / International Companies - Sunland Group, Juniper Group, Urbis, Sunland Group

Property Valuers / Developers do the following tasks:

  • Providing advice on land and property financing and valuation matters
  • Researching and advising on the administration and use of land and property
  • Developing and implementing sales and leasing proposals for commercial land and property
  • Providing asset management services for the administration and use of land and property
  • Analysing land and property investments
  • Managing land and property portfolios and commercial property developments
  • Calculating values by considering market demand, condition of items, future trends and other factors
  • Examining property, selecting methods of valuation, and submitting written assessments
  • Giving evidence in legal proceedings, mediating on valuation matters and providing rental determinations for arbitration purposes