Psychologists investigate, assess and provide treatment and counselling to foster optimal personal, social, educational and occupational adjustment and development.


Job Demand: Medium

Average weekly wage: $1,500

Where you could work:

Health Clinics / Agencies - Headspace, ACT for Kids

Government - Queensland Health

Psychologists do the following tasks:

  • Collecting data about clients and assessing their cognitive, behavioural and emotional disorders
  • Administering and interpreting diagnostic tests and formulating plans for treatment
  • Developing, administering and evaluating individual and group treatment programs
  • Consulting with other professionals on details of cases and treatment plans
  • Conducting research studies of motivation in learning, group performance and individual differences in mental abilities and educational performance
  • Collecting data and analysing characteristics of students and recommending educational programs
  • Formulating achievement, diagnostic and predictive tests for use by teachers in planning methods and content of instruction
  • Developing interview techniques, psychological tests and other aids in workplace selection, placement, appraisal and promotion
  • Conducting surveys and research studies on job design, work groups, morale, motivation, supervision and management
  • Performing job analyses and establishing job requirements by observing and interviewing employees and managers