Shop Fitter

Shop Fitter

Shop fitters make and install fixtures and fittings in offices, restaurants, shops and bars. They build and refurbish shop fronts and doorways and can work in new and old stores.

Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $950

Where you could work:

Shopfitting Companies - Projects Queensland, Coastside Fitouts (CSF Shopfitting), AS Design and Construction

Shop Fitter do the following tasks:

  • Marking out and cutting wood, metal, glass and plastic to make units and fittings in a workshop
  • Estimating material quantities and costs, and preparing tenders and quotes for jobs
  • Measuring and setting out jobs on site
  • Paint spraying timber products
  • Assembling shop fronts, bulkheads, fittings and bearing as well as laying subfloor frames
  • Liaising with clients to ascertain shop requirements
  • Preparing and designing plans for contracts
  • Installing fittings for small to medium sized businesses
  • Working in team environments to cut wood, glass and other materials for shops
  • Organising and ordering materials for jobs
  • Liaising with other trades people for large projects