Sport Manager

Sport Manager

Sports management professionals may function as agents, managers, marketing experts or public relations specialists for sportsmen, sportswomen and sports clubs.

Job Demand: High

Average weekly wage: $1,384

Where you could work:

Sporting Clubs -Gold Coast Suns, Titans,
Sports Governing Bodies- GOLDOC, World Surf League, AIS
City of Gold Coast- Healthy and Active program
Self Employed- Player Manager

Sports Managers do the following tasks:

  • develop and manage the business and professional concerns of players
  • negotiating contracts and monitoring the finances of teams and athletes.
  • create marketing programs for sports clubs or sporting associations
  • oversee ticket sales or engage in public relations activities for clubs and associations
  • oversee the development of new business opportunities for players and clubs
  • Develop sports tourism programs and marketing campaigns with tourism bodies
  • manage junior development programs for sporting clubs and governing bodies
  • oversee the business and promotional concerns of sporting clubs
  • develop health and wellbeing programs for governments and city councils