Return of International Students to the Gold Coast

Last updated:  29 April 2022

The Queensland government has announced that border will reopen to fully vaccinated international travellers from 22 January 2022.

This is wonderful news that we have all been waiting for, and we look forward to welcoming students back to the Gold Coast soon.  

The frequently asked questions (FAQs) below provide details on the information currently available. 

This information will be regularly updated so please check back often and follow our social media channels


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers related to the safe return of international students to the Gold Coast. 

When can I travel to the Gold Coast, Queensland for study? 

From 22 January 2022, fully vaccinated international travellers, including students can return to the Gold Coast without requiring a travel exemption. Click here for a full list of eligible visa types. As restrictions have further eased, beginning from 17 April 2022, international travellers can enter Australia without having to provide a negative Covid pre-departure test

Will I need to quarantine when I arrive in Queensland? 


From 6pm, Thursday 28 April 2022, no quarantine requirements are required for vaccinated or unvaccinated international arrivals entering Queensland as long as:

  • You do not have Covid 19 Symptoms
  • You test negative within 24 hours of arriving, or if any symptoms develop. A self-test using a RAT kit will be allowed, testing does not need to occur at a testing clinic.
  • You do not visit any vulnerable settings (hospitals, residential aged care facilities, disability accommodation services, corrective service facilities and detention centres) for 7 days.

Will I need a current student visa to return to Australia?

Yes, you will need to hold a valid student visa to enter Australia. 

Students can check their current visa status and the expiry date of their visa through  VEVO  or their  ImmiAccount. 

Students can also use their ImmiAccount to apply for a new visa if theirs has already expired or is close to expiring.  

As at 19 January 2022, the Federal Government has announced that all students arriving from this date and the subsequent 8 weeks will be able to recoup their visa application fee.

For further information, please visit Department of Home Affairs

Will students from all countries be able to return to the Gold Coast?

For more information, please refer to Department of Home Affairs

Do I still need a travel exemption to come to Australia?

No. From 15 December 2021 fully vaccinated international students will not require a travel exemption to enter Australia. 

I’m in Australia now but I want to go home to see my family. Can I leave the country and then come back in early 2022?

Yes, international students will be able to return to see their family without requiring a travel exemption to re-enter Australia if they are fully vaccinated.

Before making any travel plans, it is important to refer to Department of Home Affairs for the latest information. 


What evidence do I need to provide to show that I have been fully vaccinated? 

You will be asked to show evidence of your vaccination status when arriving into Australia. More information on how you can evidence your status can be 
found here.

I am concerned about how students will be welcomed back to the Gold Coast. What can I expect? 

The Gold Coast is a culturally diverse city renowned for our friendliness and you will be welcomed with open arms. We offer all of the excitement of a large city, with the warmth of a regional city. 

The Government, Study Gold Coast and all of the education providers in the city are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of all students. Once you arrive, please come and visit us at the Gold Coast Student Hub where you can access a full range of free support services, and make new friends.

What can international students do to prepare to come to the Gold Coast? 

Enrolled students

Students should stay connected to their education provider and ensure they have provided up-to-date contact information: email, address, and phone number. 

To prepare for their entry to Queensland, international students should: 

  • Ensure they are fully vaccinated with a TGA approved vaccine  
  • Contact their travel agent and start looking into their travel arrangements to the Gold Coast 

Prospective students 

International students considering study on the Gold Coast should: