University Pathways


Students looking for an alternative entry into university may wish to consider a pathway.

Also called ‘university pathways’ or ‘alternative pathways’, these can involve small entry courses and English courses. In some cases a university may consider your prior learning and reduce your fees and the time required to complete a degree.

Each of the 3 universities on the Gold Coast offers different university pathways. Below is some information on what each university offers so you can see if there is a pathway that suits your needs.


Griffith Uni

Griffith University

Griffith College offers university-level courses in a small and supportive learning environment, which are designed to give students quicker access to their university degree. If you successfully complete two semesters of full time study at Griffith College, you can enter straight into your second year of university.

Griffith English Language Institute offers courses to improve English language skills that can increase the chances of being accepted into a Griffith University program.


Southern Cross University

SCU College offers programs in a highly supportive environment as an introduction to university.

These programs help international students to improve their English language skills, making them ready for entry into Southern Cross University.

Bond University2

Bond University

Bond College provides flexible and alternative pathways to undergraduate study, focusing on intellectual development, academic processes and clear thinking.

Many of the Bond College study options also work with the Bond University English Language Institute, helping students to improve their written and spoken English both for everyday use and study.

For information about the different pathways you can visit the links below: