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Study Gold Coast has launched Australia's largest city-wide student employability program, aimed at showcasing career opportunities, facilitating stronger connections between students and industry and boosting our economy.

Why Get Involved?

Engagement between industry and the education and training sector is critical to ensure the Gold Coast is producing work-ready graduates that can become the next generation of leaders driving our economy.

If you join our free Talent for Business Growth program you’ll be eligible for:

  • A workforce planning consultation which can identify new talent opportunities for your business.
  • Access to a series of free workshops that will support your organisation to upskill in student employability and staff management.
  • Publicity for your business and recognition amongst the Gold Coast business community.  
  • A personalised introduction to an education and training provider that has the right student talent for you.
  • The Student Employability Gold Coast Business Excellence Award, which provides great publicity for your business across the Gold Coast community.
  • The Growth Accelerator Program – with eight months of free mentoring and workshops to grow your business.

Get involved now to learn more about the great rewards of engaging with the Gold Coast education and training sector while benefitting your business and the next generation of Gold Coast leaders.

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Success Stories

Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly

Queensland Airports Limited

Gold Coast Airport, a subsidiary of Queensland Airports Limited, proactively contributes to the prosperity of the local community. In recent years the company has developed a series of programs to enable students to gain experience and employment opportunities.

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The Digital Environment

The Digital Environment

Natura Pacific

Natura Pacific is a sustainability‐focused social enterprise that seeks to reintegrate communities with nature and promote a sustainable business model that can be used globally for social and environmental good. Founded by Director Kieran Richardt with a team of Gold Coast‐educated international and domestic students in 2005, Natura Pacific has run over 280 consulting projects and provided environmental education programs to more than 130 schools and over 250,000 people throughout eight different countries.

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The Startup Giving Students A Leg Up

The Startup Giving Students A Leg Up

Anonyome Labs

Anonyome Labs is a tech company that specialises in data security by allowing people to take control of their private information. Their motto is ‘it’s not our work life, it’s our life’s work’.

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 Gold Coast Students Get The Big Picture

Gold Coast Students Get The Big Picture

Glass Media

Last year Chris Boyd read an article about bullying in a local high school and he knew he needed to do something about it. As a veteran film maker with the Glass Media Group he knew that his experience as a story teller was the key, except it wasn’t his story to tell – it belonged to the kids who had experienced bullying first hand.

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Students – Don’t Underestimate Their Potential

Students – Don’t Underestimate Their Potential


The Frizelle Group was first established in 1985 and is one of the largest motor dealers in Queensland with over 830 staff across eight locations. The group runs a substantial apprentice program with around 40 of those apprentices employed each year.

Over the past 5 years the organisation has moved to an apprenticeship model that prefers applicants to have completed year 12, ideally with aptitude in STEM subjects - particularly mathematics.

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Growing Your Business Future

Growing Your Business Future

We live and work in a global economy and while that can literally open up a world of opportunities the prospect does present its challenges. How do you, as a local Gold Coast business stand out from the crowd? What can you do to gain an edge in an increasingly competitive market?

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Sharks Nurture Hospitality Talent of the Future

Sharks Nurture Hospitality Talent of the Future

Southport Sharks

Southport Sharks have shown a commitment to supporting and enhancing the student experience on the Gold Coast over a number of years.

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Diversity delivers sky-high success for CartonCloud

Diversity delivers sky-high success for CartonCloud


For Gold Coast businessman Vincent Fletcher, investing in recent university graduates is a win-win for everyone at software company CartonCloud.

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'Very’ pleased to support next generation of PR professionals

'Very’ pleased to support next generation of PR professionals

Very Media

When Melinda Rogers and Michael Jacobson created Very Media they wanted it to be more than just another communications company on the Gold Coast.

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Benefits to Business

Workforce Planning Consultation

Workforce planning consultation to the value of $500

Participants of the program will receive a two-hour consultation with an expert workforce planning consultant based on the Gold Coast. This session will enable your business to effectively analyse the organisational structure and current business operations with a view to identifying opportunities that would provide meaningful outcomes for a student and meet the critical needs of the business at the same time. On completion of this session your business will be better informed about the value of student employability, the type of talent and skill set that will most effectively meet your business needs and the length and type of engagement with a student that will be mutually beneficial for both the student and your business. Study Gold Coast will use this information to introduce you to an education and training provider that has what your business is looking for.

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Upskilling & Employability Workshops

Capacity and Capability Building Workshops

Access targeted workshops to assist with upskilling your workforce, such as leadership and management training. Attend information sessions on pathways to engaging with students including student visa and working rights information. Meet category managers that can give you personalised advice to help your business grow.

Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards

Be recognised for excellence by the Gold Coast Business Community

The Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards are the region's most comprehensive and prestigious business awards running for 23 years. The awards are presented monthly from May to October. At the end of the year, all the monthly winners vie for annual awards in each category and compete for the Business of the Year Award honour at a black-tie Gala Awards Dinner.

Each monthly awards ceremony is a wonderful networking opportunity with over 70 businesses in attendance. Winners of the award are also given a procurement advantage from the City of Gold Coast at 2%.

Join Talent for Business Growth now and you could be nominated for the Student Employability category of the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards and be recognised amongst other leading businesses in the Gold Coast community.

Growth Accelerator Program

Grow Your Business

Growth Accelerator will assist businesses to identify the critical steps needed to take to achieve your next phase of growth – rapidly and sustainably. Few people realise that high growth is both an exciting and highly risky stage of the business development lifecycle.

This program is about business owners understanding how to build a thriving business that is not reliant on one person and identify and overcome potential barriers to growth.

The program helps businesses address:

  • road map for business development and adaptive and response business
  • identify the business how, where, how
  • financials, cash flow and funding potential

Outcomes include helping businesses:

  • build a successful growth strategy
  • discover new sources of funding and investment
  • harness the power of people

Delivery of the program is over approximately eight months and includes:

  • a baseline assessment
  • one on one mentoring to assist implementing the business growth plan
  • three interactive group sessions

Growth Accelerator 2017 key outcomes:

  • $5,333,200 million increase in revenue (aggregated total)
  • 8 new full-time staff employed (aggregated total)
  • average 15% increase in revenue per business

Through the Growth Accelerator participants will also have the opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded businesses and growth experts.


There are so many ways to get involved and help make our city the most focused and active in the country when it comes to student employability.


Apprenticeships (also known as traineeships) are a training contract between an employer and an employee, in which the employer provides training and the apprentice learns the occupation or trade.


Employee training system under which a senior or more experienced individual (the mentor) is assigned to act as an advisor to a student or trainee (mentee). The mentor is responsible for providing support and feedback to their mentee.


An unpaid activity that takes place in a not for profit organisation which benefits the community and the student. Does not replace a paid role.

Part-time work

A part-time employee works, on average, less than 38 hours per week. They usually work regular hours each week and are entitled to the same benefits as a full-time employee, but on a pro rata basis.

Casual work

A casual employee has no guaranteed hours of work each week and is paid a higher hourly rate than equivalent part-time employees. Casual staff do not receive paid sick or annual leave.

Work Trial

Ranges from a maximum of 1 hour to 1 shift. Allows the prospective employee to demonstrate their relevant skills and fit for the role. Unpaid.

Vocational Placement / Internship

Allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills in a real work environment. It is a formal, paid or unpaid arrangement, for a defined period of time and is a requirement of an education or training course.

Unpaid Work Experience

When a student works for a business to gain experience in a particular occupation or industry relevant to their course. These are short-term, unpaid and can lead to ongoing employment.

Businesses On Board

Join a community of Gold Coast businesses supporting the City's next generation of leaders

“Translating academic knowledge into workplace skills is a valuable step for graduates in securing meaningful employment in a competitive jobs market. City of Gold Coast recognises the importance of student employability and actively works with our 3 universities and Gold Coast TAFE to bring an employer’s view to the student learning experience. This can be done through short term student placements within our organisation, providing guest lecturers to the universities from within our professional ranks, commissioning the universities to undertake research on behalf of the City and providing students with real case studies or projects that the City is undertaking. Students, universities and local business working together on student employability will ultimately realise the best outcomes for the student themselves, the reputation of our universities and support local business work force needs. This can only be a positive activity in maintaining a strong Gold Coast economy.”

Dale Dickson

CEO of the City of Gold Coast

“The best reason I can give for student employability on the Gold Coast is the growth in education, especially Tertiary education, which has enabled our children to study almost any university course and still live at home on the Gold Coast. The improved transport like the light rail, has contributed to the success of growth. While the Gold Coast has been a tourist mecca, the attraction of new diverse industries has added to the mix of study and work choices. The Gold Coast has now matured into a truly regional and functional city where families can live and grow without the pressure to go away to survive.”

Ray James

Managing Director of Icon Energy

“The bonus for us in embracing student employability is that we can have a fresh mind that will grow within and assume our culture without affected by previous ‘baggage’. You get out what you put in. In ensuring the students immersion in our culture gives long term benefits for both parties.”

Colin Wheeler

Director of Document Solutions Australia

“Urbis connects the brightest people to shape a better future for the Gold Coast.
We are fiercely committed to employing Gold Coast students, not just because they come to us as talented and passionate professionals, but because we know that creating real career opportunities is the way that we can best help to attract the brightest people from across the world to our incredible city.
That is so valuable for Urbis and our clients, but it’s also crucial for the future of the Gold Coast. The rising tide lifts all boats!”

Matthew Schneider

Director of Urbis

“At QAL, we believe that our strong engagement with the university sector is a key to our community and social responsibility core value. We are proud to be a major contributor and sponsor to industry led events, developing an innovative workforce placement program and undertaking industry leading proof of concepts projects”

Beau Tydd,

General Manager Technology & Innovation, Queensland Airports Ltd.

“Retaining the talent and knowledge of our younger generation to contribute to the future prosperity and growth of our City is only possible if local employers engage with students and provide pathways from study to practical experience through work place learnings and training.”

Anne Jamieson-Abedian

General Manager, Sunland Group

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