Resources to nurture your child's career awareness

As parents, you have the greatest influence on your child’s career journey. Equipping yourself with the most current and relevant resources is essential for guiding and nurturing their career awareness. This page showcases the resources we frequently use to explore careers when engaging with young people across the Gold Coast.  

Study Gold Coast Careers Explorer tool. Discover your career opportunities in 2 easy steps and understand your career personality Careers Explorer » Study Gold Coast  

Discover valuable tools to help your child navigate and explore the world of careers effectively. 


myfuture provides resources to explore career pathways and tools to develop self-knowledge to help with career decision-making. Many schools utilize this resource as part of their careers education program, but they have also have collated information, tools and articles to help you support your child to learn about the world of work and explore careers. Assist your child | myfuture 

Study Work Grow

Study Work Grow is your fresh source of careers, pathways, and possibilities for high school students. Take a look at their resources for parents – from understanding your child’s career and study options to supporting them through life. Parents Resources - Study Work Grow 

We The Differents

We The Differents is a resource with high school advice, information, tips, ideas & experiences to help you make the most of your education. This site is developed by the Department of Education and has various short video resources and graduate stories young people can relate to. Life & High School Advice | We the Differents 

Your Career

Search Industries and Occupations to find a career that’s right for you and what you can do to get there. The Parents and guardians guide summarizes the resources and information available to help you explore all the education, training, and work options available to your young person. It can also help you start a conversation on what’s next with their career. Parents and guardians guide | Your Career 



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