Final Pitch Night 

Presented by Bond University 

Date: Monday 21st October
Time: 5:30pm – 9pm
Location: Princeton Room, Bond University

The Final Pitch Night is each team's opportunity to present their idea to a broader audience - including investors - and convince the judging panel that their idea is the best! 

Each team will be given a dedicated display area for the purpose of showcasing their idea to the judging panel and audience at the start of the evening. Displays may include merchandise, prototypes, audio visual displays and practical demonstrations. The judges will allocate points for each team’s display which will contribute to their overall result.

Presentations must be structured, rehearsed and kept to five (5) minutes in duration. The presentation may include a video and demonstration of any working prototypes which may have been developed. At the conclusion of each team’s presentation, judges will be given the opportunity to ask questions about the idea or concept (2 minutes).

FINAL PITCH – JUDGING CRITERIA (80% of the final score)

1. Did the team’s display booth showcase their idea or product? 0/10

2. Was the team able to communicate their idea and/or concept effectively and confidently to the audience? 0/15

3. Does the pitch tell a story sharing the team’s vision for their concept? 0/15

4. Does the team effectively explain and demonstrate an understanding of how technology will be used in the development of their product? 0/20

5. Did the team give consideration to the marketing of their product? For example, brand and/or logo development, evidence of research of their customer market? 0/20

6. Was the team’s final pitch unique and creative, using a variety of mediums? For example, PowerPoint Presentation, video, graphics, posters etc. 0/10

7. Did the team keep to the 5 minute allocated time (or less)? 0/10

TOTAL: 0 / 100



Sharon HunneyBell - Start Up Apprentice 


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