schools information Handbook

Download the schools information handbook which includes all the information required for Gold Coast Schools to participate in the Mayors Telstra Technology Awards.

Schools Information Handbook (includes; award entry details, judging criteria, important dates, terms and conditions and required forms) 

Entry Details 

Students create a team of three (3) students from years 9-12 at their school and outline their innovative and original technological idea or concept and the community problem it will solve via the online Entry Form.


  • Entries Open: TBC
  • Entries Close: TB
  • Finalists (10 teams) announced: TBC

Complete the online Entry Form. All fields are compulsory, including:

  • Signed Parent/Guardian Consent Form for each student in the team;
  • School's Coordinator details (name, position, email and telephone contact details)
  • Responses to all entry questions (1 – 4). 

Be sure to have all the above elements ready to submit before you begin the Entry Form as content cannot be saved once you commence. 



Part 1 -  Outline your innovative idea and the community problem or need that it addresses? (maximum 200 words) 

What is your innovative idea?  

What is the community problem or need that it addresses? 

What is your solution? 

What is driving your team to fix this problem?

Part 2 How will you use technology to deliver your solution or solve the problem you have identified in question 1? (maximum 200 words)

What technologies are required to create your idea?

Are these new or existing technologies? 

How will it work? 

Part 3 Who will benefit from your idea and what value will it bring to them? (maximum 200 words)

Consider who is your target market.

Part 4 – Are there currently any similar products or services existing in the market?

Consider your competitors. What makes your idea different or better?

Downloaded Entry Questions Here

 JUDGING CRITERIA (20% of final score)

  • Is the idea innovative? 0/15
  • Does the entry solve a real problem and have positive benefits to the community? 0/10
  • Does the concept use new technology, or acknowledge that it is inspired by existing technology, using it in a new way? 0/25
  • Does the entry demonstrate a sound understanding of the technology to be used? 0/25
  • Have the team acknowledged who their customers are? 0/10
  • Does the entry acknowledge similar products or concepts already in existence? Are competitors identified? Has the team identified what makes their idea or concept different to existing products or concepts? 0/10

Judging Panel

To Be Confirmed.

Next Steps

All entries must be received by (Dates YTBC). At the conclusion of judging, the ten (10) finalist teams will be announced on TBC. All School Coordinators will be informed by email.

This information will then be publicly available via the website Only the ten (10) finalist teams will proceed to the Mentoring and Final Pitch Night parts of the competition.



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