Work Experience and Internships


There's an array of volunteer and work options available whilst studying on the Gold Coast that can help you to gain real world experience.

These options include:

  • Internships, which are supervised work with specific learning outcomes that can be either paid or unpaid
  • Holiday and/or vacation work that is usually taken in the second to last year of study for around 12 weeks
  • Work Integrated Learning, which are placements included as part of a course or degree program, providing students opportunities to practice their professional skills while gaining real world experience
  • Cadetships (paid employment), which is formal paid work undertaken whilst you are completing your studies

Study Gold Coast works with the city's corporate sector to promote the take-up of students for work experience programs as part of its internship initiatives.

Many education providers have services that can help you find work experience or an internship within a good organisation.

Through internships or work experience you can gain:

  • Professional experience in your area of study and interest;
  • Access to future employment;
  • And experience that might put you ahead of other applicants when applying for jobs.

They are usually part-time and are carried out for a specific period of time. They can often be applied as credit towards an undergraduate degree, or may even lead to permanent and paid employment.

Visit the following links to find specific information about internship programs at each Gold Coast university.