Screen & Media Writer

Screen & Media Writer

Journalists and other writers research and compile news stories, write and edit news reports, commentaries and feature stories for presentation in print and electronic media, and compose written material to advertise goods and services.

Screen & Media Writer

Job Demand: Medium

Average weekly wage: $1,576

Where you could work:

TV and radio organisations, news corporations, production companies

Screen & Media Writers do the following tasks:

  • Writing advertisements for press, radio, television, cinema screens, billboards, catalogues and shop displays
  • Making decisions about the specific content of publications in conjunction with other senior editors and in accordance with editorial policies and guidelines
  • Reviewing copy for publication to ensure conformity with accepted rules of grammar, style and format, coherence of story, and accuracy, legality and probity of content
  • Collecting and analysing facts about newsworthy events from interviews, printed matter, investigations and observations
  • Writing news reports, commentaries, articles and feature stories for newspapers, magazines, journals, television and radio on topics of public interest
  • Researching and writing technical, information-based material and documentation for manuals, text books, handbooks and multimedia products
  • Critically discussing daily news topics in the editorial columns of newspapers and reviewing books, films and plays