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The Federal Government’s recent policy announcement to encourage the redirection of international students to regional Australia was welcome news across the country, however the decision to exclude the Gold Coast from the policy has left many in this city and our education sector wondering why says Study Gold Coast CEO Alfred Slogrove.

Students Share Their Experiences

Lucas Bastos de Jesus


I'm studying at -

Bond University ( Masters of Managerial Finance )

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

Lucas lives the best of both worlds on the Gold Coast, giving him the chance to surf, study his Masters, and hang out with friends.

Ana de Abreu Rosa


I'm studying at -

TAFE ( Interior Design )

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

For Ana, the Gold Coast has a great lifestyle that allows her to balance work, study and play. It’s her paradise.

Rika Uezono


I'm studying at -

Griffith University ( Graphic Design )

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

Rika feels right at home on the Gold Coast, with the coastal city reminding her of her hometown of Chigasaki in Kanagawa.

Maui Yamada


I'm studying at -

Bond University ( Masters of Business )

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

Maui from Tokyo has found the perfect life on the Gold Coast - great education, friends from all over the world, and beautiful beaches.

Prudhvi Charan Mariserla


I'm studying at -

Bond University ( Masters of Construction )

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

Charan from Andhra Pradhesh believes studying on the Gold Coast has been the experience of his life, having made friends from all over the world.

Severino Murze


I'm studying at -

Griffith University ( Masters of Marketing )

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

Since Severino from Bengaluru moved to the Gold Coast, is has become his second home, and he wakes up everyday with positive vibes.

Rohan & Diksha Gidwaney


I'm studying at -

Southern Cross University

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

Delhi siblings Rohan and Diksha have made a home away from home on the Gold Coast, while they complete their studies at Southern Cross University.

Xiao Dan (Danna) Wang


I'm studying at -

Bond University ( Bachelor of Property )

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

With kind and helpful people, a beach lifestyle and great weather, the Gold Coast has become a second home for Beijing’s Danna.



I'm studying at -

Law at Griffith University

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

The people of the Gold Coast are very warm, it's an inclusive society. Most importantly I feel like I can be myself, which is important for the student experience. Diversity means asking questions about different cultures, about different beliefs, about different ideas and listening to other people that are different to yourself. I'd like to think that I respect all people - people from different backgrounds, people of different faiths, people of different genders. We're all in this together and it's better to love one another than be divisive. 


Gold Coast , Australia

I'm studying at -

Medicine at Griffith University

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

I love living on the Gold Coast. The people are very friendly, but they're also ambitious. I've met a lot of people here who have dreams about achieving great things in their life. Diversity is a range of cultures sharing each other's differences. It's about getting to know each other through a diversity of languages and experiences as well as race. 



I'm studying at -

Master of Project Management at Bond University

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

Life on the Gold Coast is very easy going and relaxed with a lot of outdoor activities, so I have a lot of adventures. Diversity to me means people coming together from all over the world and meeting in one place. The Gold Coast symbolisies that - I've made friends here who have come from all over the world. I've fallen in love with the Gold Coast. People are very friendly and easy going and very relaxed compared to back home. 



I'm studying at -

Nutrition and Dietetics at Bond University

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

Diversity here means a melting pot of different countries that are interacting with you on campus. We've all pretty much come together and made it like a family. The number of different languages you hear on the Gold Coast, it's really amazing. I love talking to different people about what life is like for them back at home. We might be very different, but at the same time we're a lot alike.



I'm studying at -

Financial Planning and Accounting at Griffith University

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

The people are very friendly on the Gold Coast. I've made heaps of friends here, it's my second home. Diversity to me is people from different religions, race, colour and cultures. There's so many different people here on the Gold Coast, it's a multicultural city. This has been the most amazing experience of my life.  


United States

I'm studying at -

Information Technology at Griffith University.

Why I Choose the Gold Coast -

Life is amazing here, we've got a lot of culture in this city. There's a huge international community from different countries and they bring a lot  of diversity. It's great to mingle with other people from all over the world and learn about their culture. 

The Gold Coast is ranked #1 for affordability in Australia.

Public transport, socialising and overall living costs are considerably lower than major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. With the rent being around 40% lower than that of what it is in Sydney.

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Your international study journey begins with a flight. See how far you are from the Gold Coast, Australia’s Favourite Classroom. The Gold Coast could be your next flight destination.

Gold Coast Student Hub

The Hub is a space designed by students for students and aims to provide a unique networking, collaboration and study space. 

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There are many different scholarships available to international students studying on the Gold Coast.



If you have decided to study in Australia, the type of visa you will need to apply for will depend on the type of study you choose.




One of a kynd

Michael Metcalfe is the founder of Kynd, a healthcare app that empowers people to choose the right carer, based on their unique needs. The Southern Cross University alumnus launched his startup two years ago and has since grown rapidly in an industry that is undergoing significant change.  

“For the past 40 years the health care industry has worked a certain way with everything controlled by the traditional provider, but over the last few years the sector has become deregulated and we’ve also seen the introduction of the NDIS scheme,” says Michael.

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A Sports and Cultural Exchange

This week the Gold Coast is hosting 30 students from China as part of the Sister City Agreement signed by the City of Gold Coast and Chengdu earlier this year.

Boys and girls from three Chengdu based high schools, including the prestigious Chengdu No. 7 High School are enjoying a soccer and friendship exchange experience with Gold Coast based high schools including Trinity Lutheran College, Emmanuel College and Coomera Anglican College.

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My Plastic Free Future

As the world population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate draining the planet’s limited resources the need to adopt sustainable practices becomes increasingly vital to our future. Envirotech Education on the Gold Coast are an organisation committed to leading from the forefront of globally innovative learning, guided by environmental sustainability with foundations in cutting edge technology.  

One of Envirotech’s program initiatives is the Innovation Hub, where teams of students work together to create sustainable projects. The module covers a range of disciplines from digital media to marketing and is designed to provide solutions to real world problems.  

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A Universal Language

In Italian a cappella translates to ‘in the manner of the chapel’ and while church choirs are often accompanied by the resounding presence of the church organ, in the broader artistic sense an a cappella group perform with their voices as the sole instrument.

Serotonin is Griffith University’s resident a cappella group. Established just 6 years ago the group already has an esteemed history, including performances at New York’s Carnegie Hall and winning the national title at the Australian A Cappella Championship.  

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Industry Skills Development Symposium

TAFE Queensland and DWC International. On the back of the recent Study Gold Coast visit to Indonesia and new partnerships formed, this initiative will invite key stakeholders from Makassar to the Gold Coast for an industry skills development symposium to better understand how the education sector and related industries work closely

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Casual Employment App

Kool Kids Training College and Story House. With a high demand for daily staffing in early learning centres across the Gold Coast, this app will connect students from Kool Kids Training College with employers. The app will automate workflows by notifying students who have opted-in for shifts at short notice using geo-location.

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