Corporate Sponsorship Framework

Study Gold Coast (SGC) is the peak marketing body for the education and training sector of the Gold Coast. As such, it is our role to build the city's reputation as an education and training destination of choice. We do this through our 4 key pillars of student attraction, experience, employability and retention.

One of the key tactics for building awareness is corporate sponsorship. SGC regularly sponsors events and programs that offer corporate sponsorship benefits.

The following framework outlines the parameters by which SGC assesses these opportunities. We encourage you to consider these carefully and then we welcome your submission if you feel your opportunity meets the parameters and provides value for SGC.


Awareness - How does the opportunity build Study Gold Coast's awareness in the education sector and/or broader business community?

Alignment - How does the opportunity align with and/or help Study Gold Coast achieve one or more of SGC’s pillars: student attraction, student experience, student employability, student retention?

Audience - Who is your target audience eg. students/corporate?

Reach - What is the approximate reach of your event including participant/audience numbers (face to face/online)?

Event Presence - Is there an opportunity for SGC to have a presence at your event (within your initiative)?

Connection - Is there an opportunity for us to connect to your audience to promote the work we do and how they can engage with SGC?

Speaking opportunity - Does the opportunity provide the chance for a SGC representative to speak to your audience?

Marketing - Does the opportunity include marketing exposure eg. advertisement/content/imagery in program, signage at event, flyers on seats, social media posts?

New assets - Does the opportunity provide SGC with new assets eg. database of participants/attendees?

Value - Are there any additional costs and expenditure required to maximise the opportunity e.g. production of signage, merchandise or giveaway bags?

Recent support - Has your organisation received funding from SGC through this framework already this financial year? If so, this may impact the outcome of your application.

If you have any enquiries about the Corporate Sponsorship Framework, please email [email protected]