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Air Gold Coast is one of the premier Flight Training academies in Australia.

Hosting a world class training facility, late model training aircraft, innovative curriculum, Air Gold Coast is the logic choice for career oriented pilots.

Located at the Gold Coast International Airport, Coolangatta, Australia, Air Gold Coast is one of the few Flight Training academies in Australia which can provide prospective pilots with the facilities and opportunity to undertake training from single engine aircraft through to Citation Jet ratings.

With the imminent pilot shortage especially in the Asia Pacific region now is the time to make that career decision and visit Air Gold Coast.

  • Best location

    The Gold Coast City is Australia’s tourism capital due to its ideal coastal location and favourable climate. Without extreme temperatures it makes the Gold Coast perfect for year round Flight Training.

  • Hands-on learning

    Gold Coast Airport is unique, as operating from one of the few airports in Australia that is radar controlled, students can gain valuable experience from day one learning amongst commercial airliners.

  • Safety and Security

    Safety and security is paramount at Air Gold Coast, not only for our operation but for our students. The Gold Coast is a safe destination with excellent amenities, public transport and nearby accommodation.

Contact information:

Phone: +61 (0)7 5536 2822

Website: https://www.airgoldcoast.com.au

Logo 2023 Air Gold Coast


"Growing up near the Gold Coast Airport, I have always been around aeroplanes which subsequently fuelled my passion for flying. I chose Air Gold coast to start my career as they had a fair cost platform mixed with great management, friendly professional staff with the Company being well known and had a good reputation in the Aviation industry.

During my Private Pilot Licence training, navigating the aircraft at low levels through valleys was one of my most memorable moments. Another of my most memorable moments in training was when rising to the challenge of further training I found one day I was in command of an aircraft thereby experiencing a whole different perspective of my view of the world.

As a Cobham Aviation Captain, the single most important thing that helped me in my career is learning the importance of planning and preparation and always being 100% ready for each flight. This was continually impressed upon me by my Instructor.

The supportive, relaxed and professional atmosphere of Air Gold Coast was a major advantage in my training and busy flight schedule at that time. The bonus of Air Gold Coast is their maintenance facility where a student will find a lot of educational value in talking directly to the Engineers who maintain the training aircraft.

I am very thankful with Air Gold Coast for all their support. The disciplinary qualities and the right attitude they instilled in me helped me to be prepared for the real world of the aviation industry”.
Captain Tim Hayman
  • CRICOS NO. 03273F