Host an international student and bring the world home

International students enrich the quality of our lives and have so much to offer. You can broaden your horizons and bring the world into your home by opening your doors to students from more than 130 different countries.

At present there are accommodation shortages across the world and by opening your door to an international student you can help alleviate the current crisis here on the coast while taking advantage of the opportunity to learn a new language or creating a cultural experience while being paid for providing much needed accommodation.

If you have a spare bedroom in your home this is your chance to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity while forging new friendships that could last a lifetime.

We invite you to consider becoming a Host for the Coast by clicking on the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. what is homestay?

Homestay is when a local individual, couple or family agree to host a student from another country. The host agrees to provide a clean, comfortable and private bedroom for the international student in a positive and harmonious environment.

2. who can host?

Traditional families, non-traditional families, single people, couples, or friends living together can all apply to be a host. 

3. what is required?

The level of service you would like to offer depends on you. It can be as comprehensive as a complete homestay package that includes 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, or it could be as simple as just the room with no meals, or something in between (eg: a room with dinner provided 7 nights week). 

4. how long do students stay?

The minimum stay is usually 1 month, while other students may prefer to stay for an extended period of time. In cases where the students and host form a particularly close bond, the homestay could continue for a number of years. 

5. what areas of the gold coast need hosts?

Any area of the Gold Coast could be suitable, providing there is good access to public transport and your residence is within reasonable proximity of educational institutions. 

6. do the students speak english?

Language proficiency will vary, but all international students will have some basic English skills when they arrive. As a host, you have the opportunity to not only help students by supporting and connecting with them, but as with all cultural exchanges you can also learn from your guest as well.   

7. what happens after i submit an expression of interest to host a student?

Your submission will be assessed by one of the four homestay providers partnering with Study Gold Coast through this initiative and that provider will contact you to discuss your submission while answering any questions you may have about becoming a host.