Leticia Alvarez

8 Sep 2023

Ever had a problem overcoming negative thoughts? Ever doubted your own ability or told yourself that you simply weren’t good enough? Leticia Alvarez did that for most of her life. She dreamed of going to university and becoming a journalist, and even though she achieved a strong result in her Higher School Certificate, it wasn’t enough to gain entry to her preferred university.

Leticia took it as a sign that she simply wasn’t good enough. It certainly didn’t help that she suffered from incredibly low self-esteem following a traumatic childhood experience. Instead of following her dream, Leticia gained experience elsewhere, pursuing graphic design and marketing, but there was still that nagging thought of “What if…?”

Many years later after becoming a mum and doing a lot of work on redressing all the negative energy that had consumed Leticia for much of her life, “What if?” eventually became “Why not?” and after considerable persuasion she bit the bullet and finally enrolled into a communications degree at Griffith University. 

It wasn’t all plain sailing, with a major health scare almost derailing Leticia’s ambitions, but now as she enters the 6th decade of her life Leticia Alvarez is finally about to become a qualified journalist.   

This is a story about overcoming obstacles – mental, emotional and physical. It’s about never giving up in the face of adversity. And it’s about never letting go of your dream, no matter what the world may throw at you.


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