Alex Pereira Part 2

17 Dec 2020

This show is part 2 of a discussion with Alex Pereira, a former football player, coach, manager and player’s agent who then later became a successful businessman before deciding to turn his life upside down by leaving Brazil to undertake a Masters in Sports Management at Bond University on the Gold Coast.

Alex talks about the many surprises he and his wife discovered about Australia, his life as a mature age student at Bond and the humbling lessons he’s learnt from his younger peers – and how Bond’s Transformer Program is enabling him to pursue an entrepreneurial vision that just might transform the Gold Coast's sporting landscape in the process.

But while they were still in Brazil, Alex first had to convince his wife Fernanda that life Down Under was going to be the right move for them. We pick up the conversation as Alex explains how they went on a mission to find out everything they could about Australia…

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